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Back Cove Yachts Produces Their 200th Cove 37

Back Cove Yachts Produces Their 200th Back Cove 37

2020 marked the production of Back Cove Yachts' 200th Back Cove 37 - a wonderful milestone for the Maine boatbuilder. The Back Cove 37, available in the standard hardback model as well as the open air "Downeast" verison, has proved to be one of their most popular models ever. 

The Back Cove 37 made her debut at the 2009 Miami International Boat Show, at the start of a profound recession, and the Back Cove Team was more than a little concerned about launching a new model at a time when many boatbuilders were struggling to “stay afloat.” Over the next ten months, Back Cove delivered nine more 37s into dealer inventory as the economy fought to correct itself. By the next Miami International Boat Show in February of 2010, all the stock boats were sold, the recession was beginning to lift, and the Back Cove 37 began year-two of a run that has gone uninterrupted for the last ten years. Eleven years later, hull number 200 has 'rolled' off the production line and is headed to her new home in the Midwest. 

Interested in more on the history of the Back Cove 37? Check out their blog post celebrating the achievement on the Back Cove website.

Congratulations to the team at Back Cove Yachts, on this wonderful achievement in boatbuilding! Stan Miller Yachts is proud to represent Back Cove Yachts in California - contact your preferred SMY office for more info on the Back Cove 37, or any of the Back Cove Yachts models.